Protecting Injured Workers From Retaliation

You filed a workers' compensation claim after being hurt in an on-the-job accident. You expected to receive medical treatment and money for lost wages. Instead, you were terminated. What reason did your employer provide for the termination? Perhaps it was a minor infraction. Perhaps there was a false allegation. Perhaps no reason was given at all, but you know that it was somehow tied to the filing of a workers' comp claim.

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Retaliation Is Illegal

Even though employers may have workers' compensation insurance to protect them in these cases, there are still costs to the employer. When the employer tries to avoid these costs by firing or laying off an employee who was injured in the workplace, or when an employer terminates the employee simply out of spite, it is referred to as retaliation, and it is illegal.

Have You Been Terminated For Filing A Workers' Comp Claim?

Employers typically try to mask retaliatory terminations. They will say that the termination is the result of some sort of infraction. It may be a minor infraction that would not otherwise lead to termination, or it may be something major that you did not actually do.

The Houston workers' compensation retaliation lawyers at Kennard Law, P.C., know how to recognize retaliation. We have the experience to gather the evidence necessary to get your job back and get you the money that your employer should have provided in the first place.

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