Laid Off From Your Job? You Have Rights.

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) requires that most employers of more than 100 employees provide advance notice before a mass layoff. The required 60-day notice gives employees the chance to prepare for being out of work and start looking for a new job as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are employers who fail to provide warning. If you have been laid off without warning, the WARN act allows you to seek compensation. The lawyers of Kennard Law, P.C., can help.

WARN Act Representation

We will begin by reviewing your case to verify that the WARN act covers your situation. Did you work at a plant that suddenly closed its doors? Were you only given a week's notice before being let go from a factory? These are scenarios that the WARN act covers. Managers and supervisors, as well as hourly workers, are all covered by the WARN act. However, new employees and part-time employees may not be covered.

Our attorneys will build a case that makes it clear that the law was violated by your employer, seeking compensation that can help you during this transition period.

Unemployment Benefits For Laid Off Employees

If you filed a claim for unemployment benefits after the layoff only to receive a denial, our attorneys can represent you in an unemployment hearing. Our goal is to help you get the money you need to get back on your feet.

Proven Representation On Behalf Of Laid Off Workers

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