Serving Victims Of FMLA Discrimination In Texas

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was established by the government in order to protect and assist employees who face extenuating medical and family circumstances. FMLA allows employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year in order to care for a family member or recover from their own illness. There are, however, far too many instances when an employer interferes with a worker's right to this time off, or retaliates because of an employee's FMLA leave. If you have been denied FMLA time off, or if your employer has punished you for taking it, Kennard Law, P.C., can help you obtain justice.

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You Have A Right To Time Off Work Under FMLA

Employees are entitled to 12 weeks per year of unpaid leave from work in order to:

  • Care for a newborn child
  • Administer the adoption of a child
  • Deal with the placement of a child into foster care
  • Recover from their own serious illness
  • Care for a seriously ill family member (spouse, child or parent)
  • Care for an injured service member in the family
  • Address a qualifying hardship arising out of a family member's deployment

When you retain our firm as your counsel, we work with you to establish the merits of your claim as well as your legal goals. Our lawyers bring years of employment law experience to each case that we take. We also have the unique advantage of having previously defended employers in such actions, so we know how to prepare a solid strategy for your specific circumstances. Each member of our legal team is dedicated to helping victims of FMLA discrimination or retaliation, and we do not stop working until we obtain the best results possible for your legal situation.

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