What To Do If You Have Been Discriminated Against

If you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, there are three important steps that you should take to protect yourself:

Step One: Report The Discrimination

The first thing you need to do is report the discrimination to your employer as soon as possible. Contact the human resources department and explain what is happening.

Step Two: Preserve The Evidence

If there is physical evidence of the discrimination, such as emails or notes, it can be tempting to dispose of it because of its hurtful nature. However, this evidence may play a critical role in your case. You must preserve it, if possible. Similarly, if there are any witnesses to the discrimination, record their names. Try to keep track of dates and times when discriminatory acts took place. Every detail is important.

Step Three: Contact An Employment Law Attorney

You may be worried about taking legal action. Perhaps you fear retaliation from your employer. Keep in mind that retaliation is illegal. An experienced attorney can protect you from that and from all other mistreatment in the workplace. There are statutes of limitations at play in discrimination cases, so fast action is important. We encourage you to contact Kennard Law, P.C., so we can act immediately on your behalf.

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