Is Your Employer Punishing You For Being Pregnant?

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What Pregnancy Discrimination Looks Like

Pregnancy discrimination is a type of workplace discrimination that can take many forms. When an employer fails to hire a pregnant woman or denies a promotion to a pregnant woman, it may be due to pregnancy discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination can also be more blatant, coming in the form of name-calling or unwanted comments about the pregnancy.

Retaliation For Using Maternity Leave

In many cases, pregnancy discrimination manifests itself in relation to maternity leave. A woman may take leave, have her child and then return to work only to find that her job is not waiting for her. While the employer may provide any number of reasons for the wrongful termination, it may be a sign of retaliation for using maternity leave.

Sometimes, an employer may attempt to either deny or limit maternity leave or pregnancy-related sick time. The woman may feel forced to quit in order to protect the health of her unborn child.

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