Fighting For The Rights Of Texas Disabled Workers

Have you been the victim of workplace discrimination because of a disability? This type of discrimination is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or both. The disability discrimination lawyers at Kennard Law, P.C., hold employers accountable for wrongful termination and other violations of the rights of disabled workers.

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Failure To Provide Reasonable Accommodation

Unlike other workplace discrimination claims, disability discrimination claims are based on what the employer did not do. Often, the employer failed to provide reasonable accommodations as required by law.

Examples of reasonable accommodations employers should provide to disabled employees include building accessible restrooms and lowering the height of a desk for a wheelchair. Many of these requests are very simple, such as providing a place to sit for an employee who cannot stand for long periods of time. Requests may be unique and based on physical or mental disabilities. Barring any undue hardship for the employer, these requests should be fulfilled. If they are not, we will take action to see that your workplace is made suitable.

Disability Discrimination During The Job Application Process

Employers must also provide reasonable accommodations for potential employees with disabilities. Applications may need to be designed in a certain way, with large print if necessary, or applicants must be allowed help completing the applications. Employers who make it difficult for disabled people to get hired should be held accountable. We will see that they are.

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