Were Your Civil Rights Violated?

While significant progress has been made in civil rights laws, acts of discrimination continue. Much of the focus on unequal treatment involves employer-employee dynamics. Yet, discrimination occurs everywhere even as acceptance is growing for people of different races, religions and sexual orientations.

The introduction of hate crime laws and the dawning of the #MeToo movement has shined a bright spotlight on discrimination not only at work, but also other settings. Civil rights laws specifically protect people from mistreatment based on characteristics that include race, gender or disability.

Discrimination At Work

At the law firm of Kennard Law, P.C., our lawyers fight discrimination of all types. We pride ourselves on staying current with ever-evolving civil rights laws combined with the high-profile causes that lead to much-needed change.

Discriminatory acts at work are particularly damaging. In addition to the emotionally charged effects, job stability is questioned. While we do not expect our clients to share our comprehensive legal knowledge, they should understand the sinister and subtle signs of job-related discrimination. They include:

  • Holding the same position as others, yet given different assignments or lesser responsibilities
  • Unequal pay and fringe benefits despite holding the same position and having the same amount of experience
  • Denied or restricted eligibility for professional growth and promotions provided to others
  • Overt acts that take the form of name-calling or other types of degradation
  • Job interviews or training sessions that veer toward topics specific to gender, skin color or other nonwork-related characteristics
  • Layoffs where most of those fired are of one gender or race

Discrimination Away From Work

Acts of discrimination are not exclusive to the work environment and do not stop when employees leave their job sites. The civil rights movement in the 1960s may have put an end to the "Whites Only" signs that emblazoned many businesses. However, the mindset behind them remains for some. Many Texans still face mistreatment in stores, restaurants and other public places over their appearance, gender and choice of life partner.

Just as employers must adhere to the law governing how they treat employees, business owners must also treat people the same. When they fall short, our attorneys take action.

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