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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrimination"

Companies call for an end to sexual orientation discrimination

Employment laws in the U.S. change more often than other areas of law. Courts and lawmakers are frequently reviewing, changing and expanding laws in an effort to adapt to and reflect modern workplaces and attitudes.

I need an accommodation at work: how do I know what's reasonable?

In accordance with Texas and federal laws, employers with at least 15 employees are required to provide reasonable accommodations to workers with disabilities. Failure to do so could lead to discrimination claims against the employer.

Discriminatory conduct can negatively impact Texas workers

Ideally, all workplaces would treat employees and potential employees equally. Unfortunately, discriminatory conduct takes place in many institutions, and workers may find themselves having to take action to have the issues addressed. In many cases, filing reports with outside parties or taking legal action may prove necessary if internal complaints go unheeded.

Unjustly terminated? Info on Texas legal options may prove useful

Having to deal with a hostile work environment can cause employees to face considerable issues. In some cases, such an environment may be purposefully created in order to retaliate against a worker. Such actions may even become so unjust that a person is terminated from his or her job. Unfortunately, this type of situation is not uncommon.

Terminated due to retaliation? Legal action may be warranted

Even when individuals reach an older age or face health issues, many of them have the desire to keep working. Unfortunately, some Texas residents may have employers who take negative actions against them as a form of age discrimination, and as a result, those workers can suffer considerably. In some cases, parties may even be terminated as a result of such discrimination.

Discriminatory conduct may give cause for legal action in Texas

Though policies may be imposed that work to prevent unfair treatment in a place of employment, many workers may still feel as if they are subjected to unjust actions. Unfortunately, discriminatory conduct can still infiltrate workplaces even if precautions and policies are in place. If superiors do not work to enforce those policies, certain workers could suffer unnecessarily. 

Discriminatory conduct may cause loss of Texas job opportunities

The idea of enduring discrimination may not often cross the minds of some individuals, while for others, it is a daily worry. Unfortunately, many people in various industries are subjected to unfair treatment, and often, discriminatory conduct can result in their losing out on job opportunities altogether. When parties feel victimized by such conduct, they may wish to pursue legal action.

What you should do if you're the victim of gender discrimination

Let's say you show up to work one day and you see a notice for a new supervisory position that is available. You're a woman, and you know that all the other competitors for the job will be men. However, you also know that you're more experienced, better educated and better capable of carrying out the responsibilities.

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