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Workplace Discrimination Archives

How to Spot Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Workplace discrimination takes many forms, and pregnancy discrimination is one of them. However, many women assume that they simply have to endure this type of discrimination, while other women may even be forced to quit their jobs. The reality, though, is that federal law protects women from pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

Race discrimination lawsuit filed against Fox News Channel

Two workers at a news channel in another state recently claimed that they had endured many years of discrimination due to their race. Thus, these two workers, black women, have filed a lawsuit against their employer, Fox News Channel, alleging race discrimination. The top executive in finance who allegedly harassed them has since been terminated. Racial discrimination is illegal, so those who experience it in the workplace in Texas and elsewhere have the right to explore all of their legal options for righting any wrong that has been committed.

Race discrimination suit filed against car wash business

A car wash business in another state was recently accused of discriminating against certain employees on the basis of race. A race discrimination lawsuit has thus been filed against the company. According to the suit, the company did not promote black workers to management roles due to their race, which is illegal in the state of Texas and other states.

Married couple allege race discrimination, harassment

A former faculty member and a current faculty member at a noted university in another state have claimed that they were harassed and discriminated against due to their race. The pair, a married couple who are Asian American, have thus decided to sue the university together. When workers in the state of Texas face race discrimination or harassment on the job, it is within their rights to seek to hold their employers accountable for improper conduct.

Workplace discrimination suit filed against Fiat Chrysler

An automobile company is currently facing accusations of age discrimination. Specifically, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reportedly treated its older workers unjustly when evaluating their job performance. The company ended up giving older employers fewer promotions and less pay than its younger workers received -- a type of workplace discrimination that is illegal in Texas and all other states, according to federal law.

Religious discrimination suit against state settled

A minister who also worked for the government in another state was reportedly fired due to his religious views. He therefore sued the state, alleging religious discrimination, which is illegal in the state of Texas and other states. The suit was recently settled for more than $200,000.

Settlement reached in race discrimination case

A black woman in another state sued a county school district for discriminating against her on the basis of race. However, the school district recently reached a settlement with her. When people face workplace race discrimination in Texas, it is within their rights to seek to hold their employers accountable through the civil justice system.

Woman sues charter school, alleging race discrimination

A woman who used to work at a charter school in another state recently sued the school for racially discriminating against her. In her federal lawsuit, the Asian American woman alleged that, in addition to her facing race discrimination, her free speech right was violated. Anyone in Texas and elsewhere who suffers from racial discrimination has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

Race discrimination lawsuit filed against school district

A previous principal at an elementary school has filed a legal suit against her former school district, alleging that she suffered from workplace discrimination due to being black. The race discrimination lawsuit was filed on a recent Thursday. If employees in Texas are discriminated against in the workplace on the basis of their race, they have the right to take legal action.

Workplace discrimination on the basis of age illegal

In some cases, older employees are often viewed as having more wisdom and experience than their younger counterparts. However, older age can also make one vulnerable to age discrimination, which is illegal in Texas and other states. Fortunately, victims of this type of workplace discrimination have the right to take legal action.

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