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Sexual Harassment Archives

A hostile workplace could lead to legal action in Texas

Having to contend with difficult workplace environments can be a struggle for anyone. Texas residents may be interested in one woman in another state who recently took legal action after having to deal with a hostile workplace. The woman works as a police officer, and her claim states that she and other staff members had to face sexist comments and other remarks while on the job.

Sexual harassment suit filed against Elks lodge

A woman in an out-of-state case claimed that she was harassed sexually while on the job. She therefore filed a lawsuit against the company for which she was working, an Elks lodge. However, she recently settled her suit alleging sexual harassment, which is considered illegal conduct in Texas and other states according to federal law.

8 school employees claim sexual harassment

Eight employees at a middle school in a recent out-of-state case sued their school district due to allegedly being sexually harassed. The employees specifically claimed that officials did not provide them with protection from a former colleague who was harassing them. Employers in Texas and elsewhere that allow sexual harassment to take place without taking steps to remedy the situation may be held liable.

Sexual harassment lawsuit against sperm bank settled

A woman in another state who appeared a couple of times on the Beverly Hills Pawn television show claimed that she was harassed sexually at her workplace, a sperm bank. She thus filed a lawsuit against her employer. She recently ended up settling this lawsuit. Sexual harassment continues to be a real problem in the workplace in Texas and elsewhere, but those who experience it have the right to seek justice.

Woman reportedly faces sexual harassment, discrimination at work

A woman who previously worked for a municipal solid waste department in another state accused city officials of discriminating against her. Specifically, the city manager, along with other officials, allegedly denied her a promotion due to a sexual harassment claim she had filed against the city manager back in 2014. However, the woman recently got a $300,000 settlement in a workplace discrimination lawsuit she had filed against the city officials. When employers in Texas and elsewhere engage in workplace discrimination, they may be held liable through the civil court system.

Sexual harassment claims filed against Sterling Jewelers

Hundreds of people who used to work for Sterling Jewelers have accused the jewelry company of allowing an environment in which they could be sexually harassed. They recently filed claims alleging the company's work leaders of also encouraging gender discrimination, which is illegal in the state of Texas and other states. The company's chief executive is among the leaders who have been sued for sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination.

Sexual harassment claim filed by female police officer

A female police officer in another state has decided to sue her borough supervisor and chief after reportedly being harassed sexually. The woman also claimed that her superiors did not take her complaints about the harassment seriously. Sexual harassment remains a serious issue in the workplace in Texas and other states, but those who experience it may have legal recourse through the civil court system.

Sexual harassment suit settled for 725K

A federal judge recently approved a whopping $725,000 settlement against a precious metals dealer in another state who had been accused of allowing harassment to take place on the basis of sex. In this case, five employees of the metals dealer had allegedly experienced sexual harassment. Anyone in Texas or another state who is sexually harassed on the job has the right to seek to hold his or her employer accountable via the legal system.

Female ferry worker files sexual harassment suit

A woman in a recent out-of-state case claims she faced harassment by a male colleague while on the job. According to the woman, when she complained about the conduct, she was told that the man harassing her was not the bogeyman. The allegedly incident has sparked a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, which violates federal law in Texas and all other states.

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