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A transgender woman -- one of our clients -- sues Phillips 66 for sex discrimination

We are currently representing a transgender woman in a federal lawsuit recently filed in Houston. Our client is suing Phillips 66 Company for sex discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The main issues in the case break down as follows:

Could Texas employers violate the FMLA?

The Family and Medical Leave Act helps many workers take the time they need away from work in order to attend to medical issues. While the FMLA offers protective benefits, some Texas employees may find themselves being retaliated against for taking advantage of their rights under this leave. Unfortunately, some people could even face wrongful termination.

It was recently reported than an individual in another state was treated unjustly for taking leave. Apparently, the man was a public defender, and he had taken time off work under the FMLA because of an undisclosed illness. However, after taking the leave, he was reportedly dismissed from his position at the county public defender's office, which he believes was retaliation for taking time off.

Violations of wage and hour, salary rules may create hardships

When employees are underpaid in violation of wage and hour laws, those individuals can suffer financial difficulties. In addition to those hardships, they may also suffer from stress related to determining the best manner in which to address the violations of salary rules. When situations go unaddressed after bringing the matter to the attention of superiors, affected workers may need to take legal action.

Texas residents may be interested in a wage-related situation currently taking place out of state. Reports indicated that fast food chain restaurant Carl's, Jr. is currently facing fines after 37 workers went underpaid. The situation reportedly lasted for at least six months, and the employees were not given minimum wage for their services. It was noted that the parent company of the restaurant chain believed that a payroll error was to blame for the issue.

Retaliation in the workplace may warrant legal action in Texas

Going through a difficult time can affect various areas of a person's life. If the situation becomes too overwhelming, it may even impact the individual's ability to work. However, certain protections may help parties get the help they need without suffering negative outcomes from their employers. Unfortunately, some workers may face retaliation anyway and have to determine the best manner in which to address their new difficulties.

Texas residents may be interested in one out-of-state woman's case due to her facing similar circumstances. Reports indicated that the woman was a victim of a nonconsensual sexual encounter that occurred with a co-worker. Though the incident took place after work hours, she reported the incident to her superior. Later, the woman had an emotional incident at work and was told to seek help or leave her job.

Discriminatory conduct may give cause for legal action in Texas

Though policies may be imposed that work to prevent unfair treatment in a place of employment, many workers may still feel as if they are subjected to unjust actions. Unfortunately, discriminatory conduct can still infiltrate workplaces even if precautions and policies are in place. If superiors do not work to enforce those policies, certain workers could suffer unnecessarily. 

Texas residents may be interested in one workplace discrimination case currently taking place in a federal court sitting in another state. Reports stated that two African-American men filed a lawsuit due to actions taken against them at the university for which they work. Apparently, one of the men had his vehicle broken into, and as a result, his work phone was stolen. Rather than simply being given a replacement phone, the man suffered disciplinary action and did not receive another phone. The report stated that white workers did not face such conduct after losing their work phones.

Know your rights when it comes to severance packages

You've put in years working for your employer. You've done good work and helped the company thrive. Now, you're facing the loss of your job. There's a million reasons it happens, even to the best employees in Texas.

Perhaps a new executive has gotten hired, and the intention is to bring in fresh talent. Maybe your company was acquired by or merged with another, and your department is now redundant. It's also possible that revenue issues have resulted in the company scaling back the size of its operations. Whatever the situation, when you're facing the loss of your job, you deserve to know your rights.

A hostile workplace could lead to legal action in Texas

Having to contend with difficult workplace environments can be a struggle for anyone. Texas residents may be interested in one woman in another state who recently took legal action after having to deal with a hostile workplace. The woman works as a police officer, and her claim states that she and other staff members had to face sexist comments and other remarks while on the job.

According to reports, the woman was told by the police chief that a superior wanted to have sexual intercourse with her and that was the reason she was chosen to teach at the police academy. Additionally, the chief stated that another staff member also "desired her." The woman also claims that the chief and deputy chief used derogatory language when discussing other officers. 

FMLA violations, discrimination can negatively impact workers

The Family and Medical Leave Act offers many benefits to employees who may need extended time away from work. Under the FMLA, employers have a duty to inform workers of their rights to take leave and allow them to take that leave when stipulations are met. However, some individuals may suffer due to having their rights under this act violated.

Texas residents may be interested in one woman in another area who has faced such issues. Reports indicated that the woman has filed a lawsuit due to facing what she believes was disability discrimination. She apparently needed to have surgery on her hands that caused her to need time away from work. After returning to work, she was not allowed to return to her same position. 

Violations of salary rules could leave Texas workers without pay

Working hard to earn an income that helps provide for themselves and their families can often bring individuals a sense of pride. However, that pride can be considerably diminished when employers violate salary rules and other regulations, resulting in workers getting paid less than they should. Unfortunately, many employees face this type of issue and suffer negative impacts.

Texas residents may be interested in a legal case currently underway relating to wage violations. Reports stated that commercial laundry workers faced harsh work conditions and were also denied overtime pay. They were required to ask before taking any type of break that required them to step away from their work areas, including when they needed to use the restroom. Additionally, they were not paid for meal breaks or mandatory work meetings that took place outside of work hours. 

Discriminatory conduct may cause loss of Texas job opportunities

The idea of enduring discrimination may not often cross the minds of some individuals, while for others, it is a daily worry. Unfortunately, many people in various industries are subjected to unfair treatment, and often, discriminatory conduct can result in their losing out on job opportunities altogether. When parties feel victimized by such conduct, they may wish to pursue legal action.

Texas residents may be interested in a discrimination case that recently came to a settlement. Reports indicated that the lawsuit involved a restaurant chain whose managers unjustly discriminated against African-American job applicants. The report stated that some managers went so far as to immediately throw out applications for African-American individuals. It was also noted that managers were believed to have used racial slurs. 

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